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wedding gifts

Keep the toaster oven-if there's just two of you to cook for, sometimes you 
can get away with cooking food in there rather than turning on your 
conventional oven.  I use my toaster oven for toasting bagels and sliced 
bread, as well as to warm up leftovers (I don't use microwaves).  I've also 
baked potatoes, cooked veggie burgers, nachos and burritos in it.  It's also 
great for cooking little pizza's.

The crock pot could come in handy when making a big batch of veggie chili.  
You may also be able to cook stew in it.  

The handblender might be useful while baking--to mix your ingrediants faster.

The electric frying pan is great when making large batches of pancakes.  In 
the summer, you can plug it in outside and have breaky al fresco!!

Hope this helps!!