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Re: TVP/Buying in bulk

> I'd like to buy some TVP and some other basic staples (brown rice,
> lentils, wheatberries, etc.) in bulk to save some money over
> supermarket and health-food store prices.  I've found some of the
> stuff I want at Costco-type places, but I'm wondering if anyone else
> knows of other resources for larger-scale buying like this.  I live in
> the LA area, so any specific places near here would be great.
I order bulk foods from a company called Azure Standard.   You need a
minimum order of $400 each time, but I order with several people.  We run
a co-op of sorts.  I don't that Azure delivers in CA but I found them
through a different company I used to order from.  Give them a call, they
might know about someone who delivers near you.  The phone number is