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Re: Fatfree life in San Jose

As a resident of San Jose and a worker in the great Silicon Valley, I have
to agree with Mike Rosenblatt. This is a great place to live (and visit) if
you follow a fatfree vegetarian lifestyle. 

I work at Apple Computer and our (interim) CEO Steve Jobs fired the
cafeteria vendor when he rejoined us last year and put in place a new cafe
management group consisting of various local star chefs. His directive is
that there be plenty of vegetarian, specifically vegan, dishes on the menu
every day. Our cafeteria offerings always feature vegetarian choices in
every category, including a special vegan tofu dish (the chefs,
unfortunately, don't seem to have a lot of experience with tofu). Even our
burrito bar now features, in addition to a beans and rice version, a tofu
version. We also have vegetarian and vegan sushi, and a salad bar to rival
that at Whole Foods.

Sigh. Life can be really good if just a little effort is extended.
Unfortunately, I'm spending more money on lunches these days than I really

Julie in San Jose

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>  We have never seen such a variety of low fat vegetarian
> foods anywhere else than in Northern California, especially in Silicon
> Valley. I think Nathan Pritikin would be shocked and delighted. No doubt
> he would have been amazed.