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Yogurt Cheese

I really like yogurt cheese, and would like to see recipes/uses posted
for it.  I have used it as a mayonnaise substitute on potato salad (with
Dijon mustard added for flavor).  That was good.  It also works well as
a sour cream substitute on baked potatoes.  Yesterday I made a vegetable
dip with it - I added a commercial bottled dressing to the yogurt
cheese.  I'm wondering how a commercial ranch style dressing mix would
do mixed with yogurt cheese.  Yogurt cheese made from strawberry yogurt
is yummy without doing anything more to it.  It's creamier and thicker
than strawberry yogurt.

The only real problem I have is finding yogurt that doesn't have gelatin
in it.  I could make my own yogurt, but it takes too much time.


P. Ranney in Wash. State where the sun shone for 1 hour last Tuesday.