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Pectin free yogurt and non-fat milk solids

> "Karen Oyama" <oyamaka@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> In Oregon, Nancy's yogurt and Tillamook low fat both use pectin

Are you saying you have some inside information here?  My "Nancy's FatFree
Yogurt" container does *not* list pectin (or any other binder) as an
ingredient.  Is pectin in some other version of Nancy's Yogurt?  Is it in
there but unlisted on the label?  Please tell me the source of your

I buy Nancy's because it contains no added "stuff" and I think actually tastes
much better than yogurt which contains "stuff."  Am I fooling myself?  Am I

> What are non-fat milk solids?

My guess is that non-fat milk solids are the same as instant nonfat dry milk. 
My box of instant milk says it is "made from sweet, fresh, pasteurized milk
with only fat and water removed."  That would just leave solids, right?

Riki Darling