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Re: Pectin free yogurt and non-fat milk solids

Hello...As regards pectin and gelatin and other "stuff" as someone
wrote...How can you have a problem with pectin?  It is in the fruit to
begin with.


>> In Oregon, Nancy's yogurt and Tillamook low fat both use pectin
>Are you saying you have some inside information here?  My "Nancy's FatFree
>Yogurt" container does *not* list pectin (or any other binder) as an
>ingredient.  Is pectin in some other version of Nancy's Yogurt?  Is it in
>there but unlisted on the label?  Please tell me the source of your
>I buy Nancy's because it contains no added "stuff" and I think actually tastes
>much better than yogurt which contains "stuff."  Am I fooling myself?  Am I