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Kosher gelatin

Barbara Kaye wrote:
>  I am also able to purchase Columbo ff
> yogurt here in the NY metro area but I find it is too sweet for me and it
> has kosher geletin as the binder. I'm not sure if this is vegetarian.
> Someone who is familiar with the laws of Kasuruth would know. HTH, bk

There is more than one kind of "kosher gelatin", and it depends on knowing 
who the supervisory agency is. Perhaps you could look at the package and 
tell me what the hekhsher (kosher symbol) looks like. There is kosher 
gelatin which is made from kosher animals, that is obviously not 
vegetarian. I also think most rabbis would not approve of using it in 
yoghurt, but again it depends who is doing the supervising. There are 
arguments both ways 8-). There are also some rabbis who approve of 
animal-based gelatin even if it isn't from kosher animals, with various 
arguments. Vegetarian gelatin substitutes are usually not referred to as 
kosher gelatin, but rather by their names (i.e., pectin or agar agar), 
however it is not impossible that that is what they are referring to.

Sorry not to be more helpful, but this is a murky subject. If you let me 
know what the hekhsher looks like, I should be able to tell you fairly 
quickly what kind of "gelatin" it is likely to be.

Be well, Hadass in Winnipeg, who uses LF Astro yoghurt from Toronto - their 
FF version has gelatin in it 8-(.