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I am not thin, but I am vegan, have been for 2.5 years and vegetarian many
years before that.  I think most of us have run into these sorts of
questions.  I think usually whenever it comes up that I don't eat meat, the
omnivores immediately start telling me that "I really don't eat meat very
often."  Like I care, I think that many are defensive, they know that eating
meat is not particularly healthy and want to reassure themselves that they
are "good".

Another contributor is habit.  My parents were raised on a farm, they had
fresh milk from the cow, butter, eggs from the chicken coop and ham from
their own hogs.  This is what they grew and what they ate, in order to do
the work on the farm.  This is what they were taught was good, wholesome
nourishing food. Habits of a lifetime are hard to break.

I try to be patient, I tell folks that I eat this way because it makes me
feel better and I believe it is healthier for me, but that I have no agenda
to convert them, they should eat whatever they choose.
Jan G