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Wine in cooking

I'm no expert...one of the reasons I'm on this list is to learn
more...so take what I say about cooking with wine with a grain of salt.
Pun intended!

I found that adding dry wines to certain foods (wines such as dry
sherry) makes them taste *salty* to me. In fact, I made spaghetti sauce
once and added way too much dry white wine and it tasted so salty and
tangy that I couldn't eat it. And I usually like wine in certain sauces.
Dry wines can be replaced with broths or a touch of vinegar and make up
the rest of the quantity with plain water. Sweeter wines -- hmmm. I
don't know. Sweetners wouldn't really be a substitute since a "sweet"
wine isn't really sweet per se, just fruitier. (Unless you're talking
about the really sweet dessert wines and I don't know of any recipes
that use those!) I haven't come across too many sauces or stir "frys"
that call for sweet wines. Most of my recipes call for dry wines.

Maybe -- and I'm just guessing here, so don't quote me -- maybe you
could substitute a bit of unsweetened fruit juice for a sweeter wine.
(Is there such a thing as unsweetened apple juice? I've tried the stuff
in the baby food section because, well, I have a baby, and it doesn't
seem any less sweet than anything else.)

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