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BTM and other powdered?

I used to use Better Than Milk all the time some years ago, until they
sold out to Sovex. They must have changed it as I could no longer stand
the stuff.  I really liked the idea of using a powdered form of milk
substitute as I am the only one who used it.  Now my husband has got
used to WestSoy low fat soy drink which we use on our cereal.

What I want to make dry mixes for hot cocoa beverage and cocoa
(chocolate) pudding.  All the mix recipes call for skim milk, but I
refuse to touch any "cow products."  Can anyone give me a recipe for
these mixes, using a substitute for the powdered milk so we can just add
hot water?  What and where can I get a low fat or fat free powered soy
milk?  We do not like rice milks.

Hope you can help.  This seems to be a very helpful group, and I enjoy
it a lot.