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Re: Vegan Issues

Dear Renee

> My questions concerns people having the SAD questioning a strict vegetarian diet
> or even a low-fat diet.  I'm constantly faced with people asking me if I'm
> healthy because I'm very thin and don't eat any animal products and have a very
> low-fat diet.  I eat mostly whole foods, and if I do eat anything processed I
> try to eat natural foods like natural crackers, breads, etc.  I constantly feel
> like I have to be on the defense justifying my way of life.

I know this is all off topic and I'm sorry but I really wanted to 
reply to this. I'm in the same boat, I lost 5 stone and changed the 
way I eat forever but people do not understand this. My friends and 
family think that I am some health freak but I point out that the 
things I eat are natural and most fruit and veg is very low in fat. 
However my Mum would point out that butter is natural and I argue 
back that it is still a process. With people getting fatter you would 
think that they might start to be getting the message but it seems 

Also people are weak they cannot do with out telly, cars, smoking or 
what ever they are drawn to so when they see somebody with will power 
to follow a certain way of life and be successful they have to knock 
them because they know they could not. It is funny but on the quite 
people I know come to me and ask advice when their belly starts 
getting too big or they cannot fit into certain clothes etc.