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Re: ff wok cooking

> Subject: ff wok cooking
> I have this beautiful wok, and I hardly ever use it. The first few times
> tried it, the vegetables were sticking like crazy, and when I tried to
add a
> little water I'd end up w/ veggies that were more "steamed" then
> Should I be turning the heat down? It seems that for veggies w/ that
> "stir-fry" texture, the heat should be as high as possible. Do any of you
> have any tricks you use for this?
> Mary

Dear Mary,

Unless you're using a special wok like "fatfree express", you would need to
grease your wok. Heat has got nothing to do with it.

I usually drop half to one tsp of oil into the wok and use a kitchen paper
towel to spread it out until the base has just a VERY thin coat of oil.
Turn on stove to medium heat. The wok must not get hot and smoky!

A very simple stirfry would be to add 1 T minced garlic (you may wish to
use roasted ones since you are techinically NOT frying the garlic). Stir
round for about 15 secs, add 2 C broccoli florets and maybe a couple thin
slices of carrots, 1 1/2 T of vegetarian oyster sauce or 1 large cube of
vegie broth, stir it up constantly for 3 minutes, add 1/2 C (or less)
water, cover & simmer till florets are cooked (depending on how cooked you
like them to be).

Lift cover. Add a splash of sherry or your fave cooking wine, pepper, veg
Worchestershire sauce & sugar to taste. Stir it all up. When almost ready
to serve, check the amount of fluids in wok. If too watery, then make a
cornstarch solution and thicken the sauce. Stirring continuously as you add
the solution. Serve immediately.

Keep heat at medium at all times.

Hope that helps.

If I had to get by on nothing but a pretty face, I'd drown myself.
-- Anna Magnani

KAREN LIM   koombana_TheGreat@xxxxxxxxxxx