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Re: raisins

>this is in response to a post awhile back, i just now got the
time to
>reply to it though. yes, raisins are basically empty calories.
about 130
>for 1/4 cup. it's sad i know, i love raisins just to munch on
>i'm hungry and it's hard to limit yourself when they're in
those nice
>clumps. there is no such thing as calorie free raisins or
>resembling that is there? i just wish there was a way to eat
tons of
>raisins without having to think twice about it.

Although raisins are calorie dense, and one can easily consume
alarge amount of calories from them, I wouldnt exactly call them
"empty calories".  As you can see from the analysis below, they
are actually high in several nutrients, including potassium,
magnesium, and even iron.


Nutrient Values for 1/4 Cup Raisins

Kilocalories           108.8 Kc
Protein                1.168 Gm
Carbohydrate           28.75 Gm
Fat                    0.167 Gm
Cholesterol            0.000 mg
Saturated Fat          0.055 Gm
Mono Fat               0.007 Gm
Poly Fat               0.049 Gm
Sodium                 4.350 mg
Potassium              272.3 mg
Iron                   0.755 mg
Calcium                17.78 mg
Magnesium              11.98 mg
Phosphorus             35.25 mg
Zinc                   0.098 mg
Copper                 0.112 mg
Manganese              0.112 mg
Vitamin A              0.275 RE
A-Tocopherol           0.255 mg
Thiamin B1             0.057 mg
Riboflavin B2          0.032 mg
Niacin B3              0.298 mg
Pyridoxine B6          0.090 mg
Folate                 1.198 Ug
Cobalamin B12          0.000 Ug
Pant. Acid             0.016 mg
Biotin                 1.813 Ug
Vitamin C              1.198 mg
Dietary Fiber          1.523 Gm
Sugar                  23.55 Gm

Percent of Kilocalories from
PRO: 4%   CARB: 95%   FAT: 1%