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Old celery

Not to encourage waste, but if you are at all able to have a 
compost pile, it does lessen the guilt one might feel about 
discarding too-old veggies. Another thing you can do with celery is 
cut it in 4-5 inch lengths and store it in a wide-mouth jar in the 
fridge. Makes a good snack.

Bob Simmons

On 5 Feb 99, at 20:41, Kathleen wrote:

> I often substitute green pepper for celery because we like the green pepper
> better, we never finish all the celery stalks I buy, and my sister is
> highly allergic to celery.  It would probably be cheaper to buy celery than
> green pepper and throw some of the celery out, but I hate to have
> noticeable waste :-)
> Kathleen
> schuller@xxxxxxxxxxxxx