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Hello all. 

My daddy has been out of town for the past 5 days, or so, and my mom and I
just can't figure out what to do for dinner!  Last night she almost went to
Wendy's and got a Monteray (spelling?) Jack Chicken Sandwich.  Luckily, I
talked her out of it and, when we got home I fixed her one of those frozen
Healthy Choice dinner's of Chicken Fajitas.  (No, mom isn't Ovo-Vegetarian
like I am)  We have no idea what to do for dinner.  I want pizza but, I really
will regret it later.  Either that or die from all the cholestoral in the
cheese.  Can anyone give us some suggestions as to what to do for dinner on a
Saturday night?  I'm looking for things that are low-fat, don't contain beans,
and something that will SATISFY OUR NEVER ENDING HUNGER FOR THE PAST 5 days of
eating nothing but grilled cheese and tomato soup!