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Re: Flax Seeds

At 01:28 PM 2/5/99 -0500, Sews4cash@xxxxxxx wrote:
>I've been using flax seeds for the past 6 months.  I too agree that the
>benefits are what started me using this.  However,  at the begining I was
>getting indigestion every time I ate them with my yogurt, smoothie,
cereal, or
>salad.  Somewhere (I think here at fatfree) I learned that flax seeds need to
>be grounded.  

I just bought some, and have no idea of how much to use for them to be
beneficial. I also bought flax seed meal, which might be better to use than
the seeds as it was kept refrigerated at the health food store, whereas the
flax seeds were in bins for goodness knows how long.

How much of this stuff are people using? I'll go look for recipes with flax
seeds/meal in the archives, but if anyone has one they love and don't mind
sending it to me, or the list if it is appropriate, I'd appreciate it.