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Re: hash brown potatoes

Ore Ida  makes a brand named Potatoes O'Brien that has no fat added and has
onions and peppers in it for more flavor.  I have found that plain potatoes
cooked with out oil have very little flavor to speak of.  Guess it was
really the feeling of the rich oils and fats that I loved SO much for all
those years of eating at my grandparents farm cooking.  You know the stuff
real butter and cream along with LOTS of pork products.  Now we eat Ornish
style meals with Vegetable broth and Soy milk.  Do we really live longer
this way or does it just seem longer.;-)  No I am just kidding We all feel
so much better eating this way that there is no danger of anyone going back
to the old ways.  But at the Holidays I will admit to very tough
TaTa for Now,
Nancy  Adkins
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Motivation is what gets you started, Habit is what keeps you going!"