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RE: hash brown potatoes

Please excuse my ignorance if most of you already know this:

To agree with Susan, you have to check the label as most brands have fat. I
use a brand called "Dell's" that is fat free.

I used to put these in a pan and stir them into a potato mess. I have since
found the best  way, is to put them in a non-stick pan, uncovered on medium.
After 10 minutes put a ceramic plate over them and "flip" the whole thing on
the plate. Then slide it gently back into the pan for 10 more minutes to
brown on the other side. Then back on the plate for serving. This produces
results that are nicely browned, my kids will eat, and is most like "frying
it in oil" .


		I think they talk about the potatoes in the maximum weight
loss book.  It's
		simple.  Just buy frozen hash browns and cook them in a
non-stick pan with a
		little water.  Be sure to check the label and buy a brand
that is fat-free.

		Susan Swierkowski
		>I bit the bullet and bought "The McDougall Quick & Easy
Cookbook". Have
		>glanced through it and see lots of recipes that sound good.
		>At the beginning of some of the chapters there is
information about
		>food. One talks about serving hash brown potatoes and home
fried potatoes
		>but doesn't have the recipes in this book.
		>I would love to know how to make these. If anyone has any
of the other
		>McDougal cookbooks would you mind checking and see if one
has them?
		>Or maybe someone has their own recipe?