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hash brown potatoes

I think they talk about the potatoes in the maximum weight loss book.  It's
simple.  Just buy frozen hash browns and cook them in a non-stick pan with a
little water.  Be sure to check the label and buy a brand that is fat-free.

Susan Swierkowski
Roche Bioscience
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>Date: Tue, 7 Dec 1999 15:16:50 -0600
>From: SAMMIE RUTLEDGE <RUTLEDGE@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: McDougal
>Message-Id: <991207151650.6489@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>I bit the bullet and bought "The McDougall Quick & Easy Cookbook". Have
>glanced through it and see lots of recipes that sound good.
>At the beginning of some of the chapters there is information about
>food. One talks about serving hash brown potatoes and home fried potatoes
>but doesn't have the recipes in this book.
>I would love to know how to make these. If anyone has any of the other
>McDougal cookbooks would you mind checking and see if one has them?
>Or maybe someone has their own recipe?