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Pie crusts and a broken Promise

Two comments re yesterday's digest:

> A butter replacement for pie crust...I use promise non fat margarine...
> seems to do fine in everything I have baked

Last time I looked, Promise Ultra Fat Free margarine was 100% calories
from fat. Unless the formula has changed, look at the Nutritional Facts
on the label: Calories (per serving): 5, calories from fat: 5
The way they can call it "fast free" is that each small serving has 0.5
grams of fat, so the regulations allow them to round it down to zero -
hence the fiction: "fat free".
re: pie crusts

I've experimented for 6 years with fat-free dough pie crusts, but haven't
found one I like yet. I'm told Dixie Diners Club has one, but haven't
it yet. Reviews, anyone?

For a crunchy bottom crust, I use GrapeNuts moistened with any
concentrated fruit juice. Frozen apple juice make the most neutral tasting
one, but orange, grape or other fruits work well. Bake it for a short
cool it, fill it, and then bake as with a graham cracker crust.

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