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RE: Skillet Recommendations

My wife got me a set of Circulon Commercial for Father's Day (yeah, I'm a
little weird), and I like them a lot.  They're $299.00 at Costco, plus
Costco has the best return policy I've ever seen.

When I was researching whether to keep them or not, I ran into this website
which has a pretty good tutorial:


Good breakdown on the various types of pans, and what to look for, etc.

Bob Williams
Nominal Leader, The Wooden Nickel Jass Band
The World's Most Modest Man

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Subject: Skillet Recommendations

I've watched this debate go by, but could use a rebirth of it as I've
decided that I want a new one for Christmas.  As a long-term foodie, I've
tried various skillets over the years and have yet to find one I love.  I
want something that's going to last and last and really heat well.  Being a
techie, I know that copper or aluminum are the best conductors, so I've
looked at Calaphon and All-Clad but hate to invest without study.  All my
friends that are professionals use All-Clad.