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Re: George Foreman grill again

> Looking forward to doing some more experimenting ...

Here are two other things I did with it yesterday:

Put half of a large pasilla pepper in the grill, then put some bread 
in the toaster oven and cut some slices of tomato.  When the toast 
was ready, so was the pepper, so I had a nice roasted pepper and 
tomato sandwich.

Later in the day, I used the cuisinart to shred a potato, a small 
pepper, a piece of an onion, a piece of a tomato, a piece of a 
carrot, some garlic cloves, some basil and oregano leaves, and also 
mixed in a little powdered vegetable broth, salt, pepper and flour.  
Onto the grill in two large patties.  Soon I had potato pancakes or 
hash browns, whatever you would want to call them, that were nice and 
crispy and held together well without having any oil or egg.  I 
really liked this.
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