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George Foreman grill again

After reading about these here, and then looking up more people's 
comments on it on DejaNews, I decided to order one, and it just

I liked the idea of something I could use as kind of a "toaster" for 
vegetables.  Lots and lots of times I'm hungry but in the middle of
something and not wanting to spend any time on cooking, so if I have 
a gadget like this that I can just stick something in and have it be 
done in a few minutes with no mess, then I should be more likely to 
do that instead of, say, grabbing three peanut butter sandwiches.  I
also liked the idea of vegetables being very cheap compared to more
processed foods.  :-)

I got the largest model, and when I took it out of the box I couldn't
believe how much it looked like a toilet seat!  :-)  It also feels
flimsier than I expected ... I guess this is one of those "time will
tell" things.

I thought I would test it with something about as simple as possible,
so I took a medium-ish potato, sliced it into four pieces, sprinkled
on some hot curry powder, salt and pepper, and also lay some basil 
leaves from the garden on top of the slices.  I set them in the grill
and went about my business for some minutes.  It was reasonably fast
but I had expected it to be even faster -- I don't want to come 
across as Ms. no-attention-span-instant-gratification-or-nothing 
here; just that I had imagined it sizzling and steaming away really
furiously, when its actual behavior turned out to be somewhat more

I liked the results, though, and my house also smelled very nice. :-)

Looking forward to doing some more experimenting ...
Tane' Tachyon = tachyon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx = http://www.tachyonlabs.com/