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Thanks and No Pudge

First, a sincere "thank you" to everyone who wrote me 
about peanut butter and lunch alternatives.  You were all 
a big help!

Also, I thought I'd report back about the No Pudge 
brownies.  I ordered three packages from the website -- 
regular, cappacino and mint.  The order arrived really fast. 
We tried the cappacino tonight.  It called for 2/3 cup no-
fat vanilla yogurt or 2/3 cup no-fat plain yogurt with a tsp 
of vanilla.  I couldn't find vanilla yogurt so I went with the 
plain with added vanilla.  Well, it was weird, adding yogurt 
to a brownie mix.  It was very hard to mix at first but once 
it got going, it looked just like 'normal' brownie mix.  The 
first big test was how the batter tasted.  Yum!  You 
couldn't taste the yogurt at all, which was great because I 
HATE yogurt.  The batter tasted totally chocolate, with a 
little bit of bitterness due to the coffee (the cappacino 
flavor has coffee added).  Then I baked them for the 
prescribed amount of time.  We waited about 10 minutes 
after they came out of the oven to let them set.  They 
were delicious!!!!!!!!  They were moist and chewy; I cannot 
praise them enough.  Even my husband, who hates 
everything and anything low-fat, thought they were great.  
He polished off his usual half-a-pan in one sitting but hey, 
this time, he didn't get any fat when he did.

If there's anyone who didn't want to try these brownies 
because they hate yogurt, be assured you can't even 
taste it.  The smell of yogurt makes me naseous but 
these brownies made me happy!