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: Fat-free diet and weight loss

										Thank	you Matthew for speaking encouragingly about your weight
loss.  One of the best things about this list, is the renewed enthusiasm I
feel after hearing how someone like yourself has stuck to a FF diet and has
lost the weight they wanted.  I am constantly teetering on the brink of
forgetting my diet and bingeing on all the calorie laden goodies I can
think of.  I constantly still feel deprived of chipshop chips, pastry and
Linda Mcartney-style burgers and wondered if those of you who have
successfully lost weight on a FF diet find that your attitude changes in
time, or do you always yern for the old habits.  I have been a vegan for
years, but this has never seemed to stop me piling on the pounds.  At
pressent, FF diet is going well, but feel I'm only just and so keeping a
grasp on the situation.  
Yours hopefully