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Makin' yogurt

Because I don't have a yogurt maker, I'm not sure if this will help.  I
boil my milk until it reaches 180°.  Then I let it cool in a bowl until
it reaches 120°.  Add a little of the milk to the starter and mix
slightly.  Then add the starter to the 120° milk.  Stir 4-6 times.  I
found that if I stirred too much it came out runnier.  Then I place the
bowl in a warm oven and let it sit over night.  I also use skim and 1%

From: Anne Winter <rcyclsnd@xxxxxxxxx>
I believe all I need is a little yogurt as starter and 2% milk.  I don't
remember the temperature at which it must simmer.  Any clues or recipe
suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  thanks, Anne