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Fruit Pizza for Chelsea Obrien

I have made this a number of times:

Your favorite pizza crust
1 can unsweetened, crushed  pineapple, well drained
1 can "lite" cherry pie filling  (or regular, if you are not fighting sugar)

Partially bake the crust, then spread it with the pineapple.  Top that with
the cherry pie filling and bake.  You may want to remove some of the cherry
sauce if it's too runny.

Of course we use whipped non-fat cream   (ha ha ha ha ha)  on top.
A note about that ground bird stuff!   I wouldn't touch any poultry with a
ten foot pole.  I M H O, it is definitely the most unhealthy stuff one can
eat!  I went on a tour of  a turkey farm and processing plant once and never
touched the stuff again!!!!  And they were so proud they gave