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Re: Why not wheatbran?

>I've always why such hype about oatbran and silence about wheat

The reason for the "hype" about oatbran is because there are
several studies on it that have shown that it is very effective
in lowering cholesterol, and normalizing blood sugars.  There is
also some info that it may be beneficial in cancer prevention.

The reason that we don't here so much about wheat bran is
beacuse it doesnt produce the same therapeutic results as

The reason is that oats and oatbran are a very rich source of
soluble fiber, which is responsible for the above benefits.
The fiber in wheat bran is mostly insoluble, which doesnt
produce the same results as soluble fiber.  The insoluble fiber
that is found in wheat bran is beneficial in maintaining normal
bowel function, and bowel transit time.

So, we hear alot about oatbran because, heart disease, high
cholesterol and diabetes are some of the leading causes of
morbidity and mortality, and oatbran is effective in helping in
these areas.

While there is a slight difference in fat content (16% of CFF vs
11% of CFF between  the two), both contain mostly unsaturated
fats and the essential fats that we need.

Personally, i think one is better off eating either the whole
wheat berry or the whole grain oatmeal as a cereal.  And, given
the above info, i would choose oats over wheat most anyday.