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dessert pizza

obfam@xxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

>Hi!  I am searching for any dessert pizza or fruit pizza recipes anyone may
>know of.  I tried looking through the archive, but didn't get much.  Does
>anyone know any recipes?  Or at least could you tell me, after making the
>dough and topping it with fruit and all, what would I spread on the
>fruit/dessert pizza as the "sauce" or "filling" of the pizza?  I think
>that's my main question.  Thanks a bundle--I appreciate your responces in

I just had a couple of dessert pizzas from the pizza-mobiles in France.

Pizza 1: apple sauce, sliced apples, cinnamon, sugar.
         (I asked them to omit the sugar -- it is plenty sweet).
Pizza 2 "Martinique"!!: pineapple, banana, creme fraiche, sugar.
         (Obviously I asked them to omit the creme fraiche and sugar.)

Pizzas need a sauce, so pizza 2 w/o the creme fraiche was a little
dry.  Pizza 1 with applesauce as sauce was great.  So my recommendation
is to find a sauce, normally some apple sauce, or any processed fruit
like pineapple, and put fruit that goes with it on top.

Also, some fruits will be very nice with cocoa sprinkled on top --
like banana and pear.  How about pear sauce, topped with bananas,
sprinkled with cocoa?  Note: cocoa is 30% cals from fat.


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