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Why not wheatbran?

I've always why such hype about oatbran and silence about wheat bran.
I had in my mind that wheat bran was just as good if not better.  Here
are the numbers I found:

1 cup Wheat bran, 60g: 129 cal, 2.6g fat, 7.8g fiber, 9.3g protein.
       Scaled to 100g: 215 cal, 4.3g fat, 13g fiber, 15.5g protein.
USDA website:
100g wheat bran      : 216 cal, 4.3g fat, 42.8g fiber, 15.5g protein
                       (that fiber number must be wrong)

1 cup Oat bran, 94g: 231.2 cal, 6.6g fat, 12.5g fiber, 16.3g protein.
     Scaled to 100g: 246 cal, 7g fat, 13.3g fiber, 17.3g protein.
USDA website:
100g oat bran      : 246 cal, 7g fat, 15.4g fiber, 17.3g protein

The fiber numbers clearly are not quite right, but I think wheat bran
looks pretty good!  Less fat, fewer calories, comparable amount of
fiber, almost asm much protein.  I keep it (and oat bran) in the house
all the time, and shake some on hot cereals, but it in baked goods, etc.

Ellen M. Sentovich			
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