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nutritional info for mustard?

I have always been wary of mustards, because I had the impression
that while they can be nearly fatfree, many companies produce 
mustards that are very high in fat.  Obviously there is fat in the
seeds, but how low fat can mustard be?

I just looked on the USDA site and did not find ordinarly mustard --
on mustard vegetable oil (maybe that's it) and mustard seed (and lots
of mustard greens).

MasterCook tells me that a 5g teaspoon of mustard is 3.8 calories
with .2g of fat.  That means 1.8 cal/3.8 cals from fat, or 47% calories
from fat.

Honestly, I thought it *could* be made lower fat than that, though
I've always been careful with mustard anyway.


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