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Re: Getting your family to eat healthy

On Fri, 30 Apr 1999 10:04:32 -0400, you wrote:

>My husband just loves junkfood and fat, and isn't willing to change.  So for dinner
>we will have a simple meat "side" dish (like grilled chicken, steak, or  sausage) 
>OR some days, my husband will just eat meat for lunch and eat a "mainstream" 
>vegetarian dinner like pasta with tomato sauce.  That was a big compromise
>for him!  I just learned that you can't force your eating habits on anyone else.  I
>just try to set a good example :-)  My daughter does eat some VLF items with me
>Aiko Pinkoski

My husband used to be a junkfood/fat and meat fanatic, with no
interest whatsoever in changing, I didn't think he would change.  He
wouldn't even eat spaghetti unless there was meat in the sauce.  
When I went fully vegetarian he became responsible for his own food
because he wouldn't eat what I cooked.  He quickly realized that
spaghetti was much easier/faster to make without meat and that buying
meat for one just wasn't worth it.  He occasionally bakes a piece of
chicken but mostly eats vegetarian at home, orders meat at
restaurants.  We would go to the store and I noticed he started
looking at the labels. Well, I was shocked to say the least, Mr. I
Don't Give a Damn About What I Eat was reading a label.  Needless to
say I was very pleased.  He has lost about 45lbs now and could use
another 40.  He isn't willing to give up meat but it is WAY more than
I ever expected.  I talk about what I eat,  don't eat, read and why
but don't pressure or except the same from him.  He came home from
work one day and told me about a conversation he had with someone.
They used to vegetarian but went back to eating meat and how they
need more calcium from milk/cheese. He told them that it was better to
get it from vegetables without the excessive fat/protein and how all
the protein in animal sources of calcium is counter productive. 
Hehe... the information has obviously sank in on its own without
effort on my part.  You never know maybe someday it will sink in with
your husband too.