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Getting your family to eat healthy

Hopefully I am in the minority, and it's great if you can get your family
to eat your diet with you but....

I found out that I just had to modify what I served (but not what I eat) for

my spouse and (now) 9yo daughter.  They are just too discriminating to 
eat Boca Burgers (I actually don't like them myself, which is another
I've tried.   My husband just loves junkfood and fat, and isn't willing to
Also, this is just my preference, but in addition to VLF I try to eat less
and more organic foods as much as possible (especially for my daughter), so
I don't 
buy a lot of  commercial fatfree items.
So for dinner we will have a simple meat "side" dish (like grilled chicken,
steak, or 
sausage) OR some days, my husband will just eat meat for lunch and eat a
vegetarian dinner like pasta with tomato sauce.  That was a big compromise
him!  My daughter eats meat but she doesn't want to everyday, and although
doesn't eat most vegetables,  it's easy enough to serve her some carrots
of whatever we're having.
I just learned that you can't force your eating habits on anyone else.  I
try to set a good example :-)  My daughter does eat some VLF items with me
such as fruit sorbets and baked tortilla chips.

Good luck.

Aiko Pinkoski