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Re: eating dirt?

Hi, Deborah,

I have to commend you for being so faithful with your diet if your partner 
believes it tastes like dirt - that is true commitment!  <wink>

I sympathize with you - I have a teenage son who is addicted to anything 
deep-fried and vitamin-depleted.  Since you didn't give us any examples of 
your usual menu, we don't know exactly what he is objecting to.  My son hates 
almost all fruits and vegetables other than underripe bananas (ick!!!), 
apples, grapes, tomatoes, raw carrots and corn and an occasional green bean, 
which makes me insane.  What I try to do for him - it doesn't always work, 
mind you - is use a lot of texture and spice (fatfree tortilla chips can go 
with a lot of different foods when you're fourteen, lol, and fortunately he 
likes spicy food such as chili), combine something healthy with a somewhat 
acceptable commercial food (such as brown/wild rice mixed with soy sauce, 
garlic, a package of frozen spinach and Progresso Lentil Soup) or make a meal 
that is similar to one he would normally find acceptable elsewhere - 
spaghetti or any pasta works as long as the veggies in the sauce aren't 
chunky or at all assertive, Morningstar Farms Veggie Patties on whole wheat 
(they don't really taste like meat but he will eat them smothered in ketchup, 
so I'm dealing with it) with V8 juice, tacos using BEEF NOT!, taco seasoning, 
onion, lettuce and soy cheddar, or burritos.  I had to laugh because the last 
time I made burritos (so easy - fatfree refried beans, salsa, corn, couscous 
to soak up the excess juice and pickled hot pepper rings on whole wheat pita 
halves - he ate seven of them) I was talking about the, um, aftermath and he 
said, "Beans?  I thought it was meat.  Man, if you can make beans taste like 
meat I wonder what ELSE you're doing!"