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This is in response to Jessica, who is going off to college next year. I
am a freshman at Georgetown, and I have been a vegetarian for going on 6
years now. The meal plans here are provided by Marriott, and most of the
food is, a t least in my opinion, very low quality to begin with. There
is very little I like, but I take advantage of what I do like. Cereal is
always a good choice, fresh fruit, salad bar, Saturday's special bagel
bar, the stir fry table, fat-free frozen yogurt and ice cream, and fresh
baked bread. Unfortunately most of the pasta, rice, and even baked
potatoes are prepared with butter or oil or are at least coated in it.
They say they have to do it so that the food won't stick but... anyway.
Technically we are not allowed to take any food out of the caf, but I
often take fresh veggies from the salad bar to steam in my hot pot. On
my floor we also have a rice cooker, which comes in very handy, and
nearby we have a microwave which can be very handy in nuking potatoes,
heating soup, etc. A must is to rent a refrigerator to keep fruit,
veggies, etc in. I also have a toaster oven - I don't think it's
necessarily allowed- but it is very nice for toasting, baking etc. I'll
sometimes go to the nearby grocery store to get stuff I can't find on
campus, but I find that I on't often need to do this. With these basics,
I've found it pretty easy to make low fat vegetarian meals that excel in
taste and quality, at least in comparison to that which is offered by
the caf. Hope that helps. - Tina