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Re: FF: Brown Rice

At 12:34 PM 9/5/98 +0100, Gloriamarie Amalfitano wrote:
>Steph wrote:
>>I wish that I could find instant brown rice for those days when I just don't
>>have time to eat properly.
>Actually there is no need to spend your money on an extra product.  Merey
>cook up several cups of brown rice at once, let it cool then divide into 1
>o2 C sizes into a ziplocl breezer bag, flatten it out,close the bag abnd
>freeze.  A constant ready source of cooked brown rice for those rushed days
>I use this method for all sorts of grains: millet, hulled barley,whatever
And other stuff as well.  I take Sundays (my least busy day) and cook up a
storm.  I cook tons of anything that takes a while to cook like beans,
rice, casseroles, etc.  I also chop up a bunch of lettuce and other salad
veggies and put them in zip locks so all I have to do is grab a bag out of
the fridge.  Most stuff can be cooked or at least assembled ahead of time.

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