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on rice

> I love rice! Even if you are short on time, please experiment with the
> different rices available to us. snip
> It can get rancid, so keep out enough rice that you
> can use up within  a month or less. snip
> Good Luck!
> Tina K

Tina and all,
If you find a good price on rice, go ahead and buy a lot, then store in the
fridge or even the freezer.  It will keep a good long time either way.
I agree that converted white rice is boring, sort of like wonder bread. In
addition to your faves (brown long grain and basmati) I will add a couple,
short grain brown, nice under stir fries or soups/stews. And Lundberg's rice
mixtures, these are all very nice.  I like them for the variety and for the
fact that they are organic.
Jan G