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RE: cookware?

Hi Faith-

  I *love* my Scanpan 2001 pans.  The coating has a lifetime warranty
and they are ranked #1 (by far) consistently by Consumer Reports.  Their
test to scrap off the coating wouldn't take any of it off!  They are
dishwasher safe although I haven't ever washed them that way, and you
can use metal utensils in it.  They have all the pieces you want plus
*many* more.  I recommend buying a set as it's much cheaper, and I use
every piece in my set constantly.  If you want to try it out before you
buy (this is what I did) buy the $30 smallest frying pan and try it out.
I was instantly sold.

  I brown tofu, make egg beater omelets, etc. in them all the time
without any kind of spray in the pan, and they don't stick at all.  I'm
very pleased with the way tofu browns in them!  Anyway, check out
Consumer Reports wrt cookware, and here is where you can order Scanpan
2001 (it's not carried in most stores), this is where I ordered from:


No, I'm not affiliated in anyway, just a *very* satisfied customer!  :-)



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