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hi all,

I think it's getting near time to replace our cook pots.  We have a set of
Farberware Millennium pots that I just love, but my husband won't stand
for them, and won't let me replace them with more Farberware Millennium
because the interior non-stick coating on the sides is peeling off (the
bottom, as advertised, is still fine).

My husband's one requirement for new pots: non-stick coating that isn't
going to peel off.

My requirements for new pots: non-stick coating, and dishwasher safe! (I
_hate_ washing pots, which is why I'm not about to stay with using the
regular Calphalon pots we've been using in the interim -- gotta hand wash
the little suckers.  The Millennium pots didn't mind the dishwasher)... 

Anybody know of anything that would fit the bill here?  Needs to come in
2-qt (pasta sauce) and 3-qt (rice) sauce pots, and probably also 6- and
8-qt (everything else) stock pots, given what I saw in my 8-qt pot last
night (it's probably only a matter of time before my husband grabs this
one away, given that it's starting to peel now, too... :(


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