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	Do I have a recipe for okra?  I could eat a bushel basket full of this
stuff!!  I grew up eating fried okra; you know, the kind that's dipped in
egg, then rolled in cornmeal, then fried (so it's not gookey).  It's one of
the fried foods I still remember fondly.  

	But several years ago, my Dad tried making it mixed with fried
potatoes,and we liked that even better!  He just mixed the raw okra and
sliced potatoes in the skillet, then added some corn meal as he stirred &
cooked. Now that I don't fry with oil, I "fry" my potatoes in a dry
non-stick skillet.  So when I have okra, I just cut them crosswise, add
them to the potatoes, and toss in some corn meal.  I usually add some
broth/bouillion to keep the mixture moist as it cooks, and add different
flavorings, depending on what mood strikes me.  It's good with only salt &
pepper (and the bouillion), or you can add seasoned salt, a little liquid
smoke, cajun seasoning, or probably a million other flavorings.  I guess
you could even cook the potatoes, okra, and cornmeal on a pizza or
jellyroll pan in the oven, if you wanted, but I haven't tried that.  Mmmmm.
 Now I'm REALLY hungry!