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Re: Cooking Kale and or black eyed peas

anglstar wrote:
>Does anyone have any  fat free recipes for cooking kale or bok choy that's
>fast and easy.  I recently bought kale for the first time but don't know
>how to cook it or to prepare, do I need to cut off the tough stems and use
>the leaves or do I cook the whole thing? What is the best method of cooking
>it, boiling or steaming?  Also I love black eyed peas, but can't find many
>recipes with them in it. Does anyone have any good black eyed peas recipes,
>maybe kale and blackeye peas? I have only eaten it with rice before and I
>would love to try it with different greens.

You can either boil or steam kale, but since kale can be a little tough,
boiling might be best.  Cut the leaves off the stem, and then chop the stem
into bite-size pieces.  Start it cooking while you chop the leaves.  Then
add the leaves to the stems and cook until both are tender.