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Re: Jicama, bok choy, cilantro

We use jicama and bok choy in salads almost every day. Just peel the
jicama and slice it into strips or small pieces of any shape. It's
wonderfully crunchy with a mild taste. I believe it can also be
cooked,like potatoes, but we love it raw.

Bok choy is a kind of cabbabe, I believe, and is full of nutrients. We try
to use as much of the dark green leaf part as possible because it is
loades with nutrients.  

Cilantro, as far as I know, is a seasoning (herb?) and can be used in the
same way as one would use parsley.

On Fri, 30 Oct 1998, Linda S. Stiles wrote:

> I picked up some Jicama, bok choy and cilantro at the grocery today and
> I haven't a clue how to use them...any suggestions?  Great recipes? 
> Thanks for any help.  I am really trying to eat extrememly low fat and
> mostly vegetarian but I don't like many veggies.  Today the produce man
> was very helpful though and offered me a taste of many different veggies
> I never thought I'd like...including the above mentioned and also napa
> cabbage, kale, and parsely.  Please, if you cook with these things,
> please share your knowledge with me.  thanks so much,
> Linda Stiles
> honeybear@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Rubber Stamper from Washington

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                          William Blake