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Re: bananas

Try it again some time.  The peel scrapes off the banana easily with a butter knife.

I don't peel them first because by the time I am ready to throw the banana in to the freezer, it is very, very ripe and falls apart if I peel it then.

I guess there are two kinds of people in the world--those who peel the bananas before they throw them into the freezer and those who don't.   Both kinds are neat people anyway, IMHO.

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>>> <draccor@xxxxxxxxx> 10/30 2:20 PM >>>
On Fri, 30 Oct 1998 09:58:43 -0600, you wrote:

>I don't know why everyone peels bananas before they freeze them.   
>It is a pain to peel a ripe banana and it is also trouble to store.   
>I just throw the banana into the freezer, skin and all, when it starts 
>going soft, and then peel and eat when I am ready.   It is much simpler 
>that way.

I have done this before and I had to throw it in the trash.
Once the peel froze to the banana it would not come off.
I always peel bananas before I freeze them.  It only
takes a minute to peel them all and stick them into
a bag.