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Re: Protein Intake/lentils and tofu

>> I not learned to cook with tofu or tempeh
>>and have not had much time for lentils.
>        A wonderful way to eat lentils when you're short on time is to use
>the red
>lentils.  You can cook them in 20 minutes, and they completely dissolve for
>a creamy base if you cook them for an hour.  Even better, they have a
>butter-like aftertaste that's just heavenly.  While I like the green kind,
>I almost never eat them anymore because the red ones are so quick, easy,
>and deeelicious!
>  Jane Smith                       mjsmith@xxxxxxxxxx
>  Special Collections Department   Pickler Memorial Library
>  Truman State University          Kirksville, Missouri

Hello...When I cook lentils as usual I cook more that I need and freeze
the rest.  The portion size for freezing can vary.  I freeze most every
thing in 1 quart containers, but others might find pint size sufficient.

If you have any questions about cooking with tofu, purchasing tofu,
storing tofu, substituting with tofu...any thing you can think of,
please ask and I will be glad to answer.  There must be other people
on the list who can advise also.  I suggest you start with us as a
resource first.  Books can be kind of overwhelming sometimes.