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Re: Nougat

>Hi all,
>I found a local shop that makes the most delicious nougat.
>It's almost completely fatfree and contains dried tropical fruits
>instead of nuts. Mmmmmmmmm....
>I have been trying to track down a recipe to try and make some
>for myself.  I found one recipe, but it calls for 1/4 cup butter to be
>added near the end.  Is this necessary?  The type I bought didn't
>have butter in the ingredient list.
>I'll try this recipe out (without the butter) on the weekend and let
>you all know whether I get a disaster or a delight.  :)
>Just wondering if anyone else has a fatfree recipe for nougat or
>has tried to convert a recipe to fatfree.
>Robyn - Brisbane Australia

Hello...What is nougat? Here it's that sweet gunky stuff in side some
candy bars and chocolate -dipped candy.  Is that what you want to make?
Or is it something different
in Australia as opposed to USA.