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Sounds like the grocery stores are selling rotten produce!  I regularly
keep lettuce in Tupperware in the refrigerator for a week at a time.  I buy
at least two heads of iceberg lettuce each week--keeping one in the plastic
grocery bag and the other half-used one in the Tupperware.  I buy leaf
lettuce for my husband and keep it in the plastic grocery bag for at least
a week.  (I only shop once a week!)  (Un-refrigerated sandwiches carried
with books or otherwise squished are a different problem!)

Pick off the outer layer and anything wilted or bruised before storing it
in the refrigerator.  Since the refrigerator dehydrates things, keep
produce in at least one bag (in the produce drawer).  When I know I'm going
to have something a week, I put it in two bags!  Hope this helps!