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Re: Lettuce

>Sounds like the grocery stores are selling rotten produce!  I regularly
>keep lettuce in Tupperware in the refrigerator for a week at a time.  I buy
>at least two heads of iceberg lettuce each week--keeping one in the plastic
>grocery bag and the other half-used one in the Tupperware.  I buy leaf
>lettuce for my husband and keep it in the plastic grocery bag for at least
>a week.  (I only shop once a week!)  (Un-refrigerated sandwiches carried
>with books or otherwise squished are a different problem!)
>Pick off the outer layer and anything wilted or bruised before storing it
>in the refrigerator.  Since the refrigerator dehydrates things, keep
>produce in at least one bag (in the produce drawer).  When I know I'm going
>to have something a week, I put it in two bags!  Hope this helps!

Hello...If I was USING iceberg lettuce I would not have a problem.  It keeps
very well yes, but is highly contaminated with up to 17 different chemicals
in the growing.  I have yet to ever see a head of organically grown iceberg
lettuce in our stores here.  (I'm sure someone has seen it somewhere but
that is not here).  My family loves romaine and red leaf lettuce.

In the off season here, September through May, when we don't have our own
garden fresh spinach, chard, leaf lettuce etc, we must depend on the local
grocery store.  They have a variety of organic produce, for twice the price
of the regular.  Fortunately we are able to store up and freeze or can just
about anything from apples to zucchini.  When I begin to cook the children
have learned to ask, "OK what do you need from the basement?"