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rice cooker/veggie steamer

This is in response to a question from Faith Hood. 
"I asked for a rice cooker/veggie steamer for
Christmas.  My Mom got me one.  There is 
only one very disappointing problem, and
I was hoping you all could help.  
All grains stick to it.  It's aluminum."

I grew up eating rice from this type of steamer everyday of my life. Here
are my tips:

1) As for oil no matter how little you add (1/4 teaspoon- less), or how
much rice you are cooking (2 cups - 12 cups) it helps a lot. Also, the oil
gravitates to the side of the pot rather than being totally absorbed by the

2) Add about a teaspoon-table spoon of lemon juice. This helps the rice
grains maintain their "integrity."

3) Get one of those plastic pasta ladles. The soft prongs fluff the rice
perfectly while removing virtually all of the rice from the sides     (you
wouldn't want to eat what's left). Also, it doesn't damage the rice cooker
like a metal fork or spoon.

4) The contraption is lousy for veggies. The colander part the appliance
comes with is too shallow. Not much water can be put in the steamer, and
the veggies at the bottom keep getting splattered by water boiling up. If
you really want to use the steamer for veggies, I recommend getting one of
those "doo-hickeys" meant for steaming veggies in any pot. The kind with a
small disk at the bottom, and "petals" that will open to conform to the
size of the pot. The bowl shape of it helps heat evenly, and it is up
higher so you are actually steaming and not boiling your veggies.

Hope that helped. Sorry my terminology is out of whack.

                    (*) (*)
     Wise One & Xymukba Inc.