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Beans, Potato's & bodyfat question......


Thanks for all the bean advice out there.
I'm on this bean craze now.
Are some beans less in fat than others?
Are there some beans that are better for you than others?

Generally do you stay away from soy beans if they are high in fat?

As a staple which bean do you like best? Lentils seem popular on the list
from what I've seen.....

Q-- wouldn't body fat less than 20% affect your hormone balance?
I've heard different opinions on this I feel I could go down more and still
be confortable.
If my hormone balance goes wierd, I'll tell you but so far I'm perfectly fine.


To answer the potato question........
> cutting out all dairy.I'm looking for something to put on baked potato's
> other than ff sour cream,There's nothing worse than dry baked
> patato's.Thanks for any suggestions!

I love to put fat free plain yogurt on potato's it's great. But that's
dairy too, but better than ff sour cream I think.

How about a bit of creamed corn. You can make it yourself use a bit of milk
or milk subsititute like soy or something and put some corn canned or fresh
if you really want to and whip it up and put it on your potato.......
Sometimes I do the same with pumpkin as I do with corn and put it on my
potato that's also good.

I also like to eat my potato's with other veggies. Brocoli and carrots for
If I use a bit of butter buds it's great.

I love salsa too........and you have tons of those in the USA lucky you!!!!
How about some fat free cheese with it, sounds great but we don't have that
stuff here.

Sometimes I cut up my baked potato and fry pan it (no oil ofcourse) till
it's brown and then a bit of salt.......yummie

hope this helps......Lauri