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mixed marriages

As a twenty-year vegetarian with a meat-eating family, I just had to add my 
two cents here in response to Dawnn--

I agree with the comments that you really have to get this worked out before 
the wedding!  Vegetarianism and fat-free are definitely lifestyles that go 
beyond deciding what's for dinner, and you both owe it to each other to come 
to a compromise on this one.

I eat no meat but will occasionally cook some chicken or fish for my 
family--I'm not one of those people who gets queasy at the thought, and at 
least I can cook it in a healthy fashion.  They usually love my veggie 
cooking anyway, and my husband is gracious enough to be grateful that I'm 
taking the time to do it even if he's not crazy about the meal.  The point 
is, you need to come up with something that works for you, and that's going 
to depend on what you two can live with.  But try to keep life simple--if he 
refuses to eat what you cook, consider 1) yes, having him cook his own (how 
about a cookbook for an engagement present?), or 2) stocking your freezer 
with some chicken and fish --or sausage, for that matter--portions from the 
store that he can microwave to eat along with your cooking, or 3) some other 
creative solution.  It's worth working on--so it doesn't become a hassle 

Congratulations and good luck!

Jan from Maryland